Topic: Tazz Bumper

Yo guys.. i wanted to know how does one lift the bumper up? my bumper is sagging abit..

is there clips or what?

thanx a mil

Re: Tazz Bumper

Here is a simple how-to in order for you to lift your bumper up:

1. First locate the lug nuts in the bumper covers portion of your car.

2. Try spraying lubricant on these lug nuts to help you adjust it easier.

3. Remove the lug nuts. At first they are hard to remove but once it twisted, it would be fine. After the lug nuts are removed, set them aside so you wont lose them.

4. Now you may lift up your bumper.

5. Once you had your desired settings for the bumper, return the lug nuts.

That would be easy for you.. use a wrench to accomplish this.