Topic: Fast 6 - it was always going to be Six, Brian!

Yes, like many of you we stayed to the end of the credits to see the seeds foe the Fast 6 movie. But even before the Fast 5 had hit cinemas in the US and UK, Vin Diesel had already hinted that he had been working with producer Neal Moritz on the next installment that will see Lettie (Michelle Rodriguez) return from the dead.

The Fast & Furious franchise is certainly showing no signs in slowing up as the latest movie smashed box office figures in its opening weekend taking over 86 million dollars. We think while its got gas in the tank then they should continue flat-out!

Wrestling fans will also be pleased to hear that The Rock is also due back on the set, not only for the Fast 6 movie, but insiders say that there could even be a spin-off show for this hard-hitting cop! At the minute life in the fast lane is good! We'll make sure we bring you more news from the films as and when they appear! Stay locked!

Writen By: James Gilbert

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