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97 tazz
was my mums car from brand new(got spare keys)
no accidents or rust.
parked in garage all its life.

got a 20v silver top.
5speed twincam gearbox
gotech management system
overhauled at dayas auot with all toyota parts (cofap rings)
91 kw at da wheels a last dyno run
160i fuel tank installed
20v front brake upgrade(22v calipers)
17 inch tsw legend rims
160i dash cluster
trd gear knob
smash and grab tint
level 4 shurlock alarm
push button gear lock
installed cigarette light to use a gps
wind shields
bought a front lip but lazy to put it on
night breaker light globes

all paper work up to date
i have been stopped at roadblock etc with no problems
and i have receipts for everything, fsh
orignal mileage is 210000km
engine overhauled about 1000km ago
da import motor lasted 11000km before it started smoking badly(209000km)
reason for sale is coz i just became a dad a few weeks ago and its just not a practical car for my family anymore ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/sad
no place for the pram baby bag etc. and them you wanna race everybody you see.........
email me for pics:
072 314 8500, dont phone me after 9pm please......
R50000 neg

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Re: 20v tazz for sale

bump for an awsome ride, bru your car looks in immaculate condition, can see you really took care of your car! Good luck with the sale!

88 Toyota Avante
06' RunX RSI

Re: 20v tazz for sale

tanx bro.
i really need to get a bigger urgently
i am willing negotiate with serious buyers in person.

Re: 20v tazz for sale

price drop to 45k