Topic: The Proposal

well guys we all are sometimes dragged to watch chick flicks !!

this movie isnt all that bad i would say .. emmm maybe an 8 out of 10 for a good night out!
plus you get your chick happy at the same time and dont fall asleep half way through the dam thing.

Plot: Sandra bullock is a very successfull editor for a publisher and her assistant is played by .... forgot the guys name now but he acted in Van wilder ... any way she at a peak in her career and suddenly she finds out she needs to be deported due to the fact that she is canadian ! so she fixes a fake marriage so that she can stay in the country and keep her job..

this is when all hell breaks loose and the movie suddenly becomes a dam funny ding to watch !!

i dont wanna give away how it ends although its not that shocking but hey this is one i would recommend for you guys to watch ... something different.. for the sensative guys :lol:

P.S might get you brownie points or in alot of trouble if the marriage thing is lingering in your relationship... you have been warned :lol:

Check it out

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Re: The Proposal

i watched it and enjoyed it  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

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