Topic: 2002 Toyota Corolla RXI 3SGTE ST215 for sale

Only one in KZN ! Golf7 R, S3, etc eater, only problem is I had a LHS smash and don't have the time to do the car up.

Imported engine with Toyota management, so engine will last forever !

Spent over 40k on the conversion, engine and mechnicals are perfectly fine, only the LHS has a decent smash which will cost about 20k max to fix. Car is in Silverglen for anyone who wants to view.

Asking 35k, once you see the car and setup you will realise what a steal this is !

Call me on 073 847 5940(Sulaiman)

Brother twincam sam, not even sure if you are on your forum these days, got a set of BC Racing coilies, brand new, got delivered the week after I met with accident, so still in box, not the entry level, the BR RA series fn awesome ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile
paid 17k, make a price its collecting dust

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