Topic: 20v Blacktop Mac

Hi Guys

Been about 2 years that I have been on the forum. Sold my X and been MIA ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/dizzy

Bought myself a 20v RSI, 98 model. Just sent it in for a full blow over as I would like to get it back to a tip top condition.

I'm going to need a Mac in Cape Town to take care of the mechanical side. Don't want to be ripped off. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Ex : CTI 92 (276cam and xhorst)
Ex : 318is 96 (E36)
Ex : 323i  96 (E36)
Ex : RSI 20v 96
Ex: XRSI 03 Powerflow 63mm and Motorcade 149.6kw 186nm

20v RSI 98 with 63mm Powerflow