Topic: RunX Rsi exhaust

Hi Guys

im sure this topic has been discussed before but i need to find out something specific for my car.

i need some advice on the exhaust system i have. currently it is standard with the exception of it having the cat removed.
the only problem i am having with it is that it is very quiet. with regards to performance, strangely it pulls a lot better than a few XRSIs with an exhaust that i have already raced against so with that being said, i dont want to change my entire system.

all i want to know is if i change the back box to a performance box, will the sound improve and will it change the way the car revs up?
also if i change the back box to a performance box, will i need to change the rest of the piping?

changing the system is out of the question because if i want to change the system i would prefer to have a mandrel bent system however in Port Elizabeth there are no places that i know of that fits mandrel bent exhausts.

your help is appreciated

PunBB bbcode test
PunBB bbcode test

(EX) 91 Gli twincam- 83kw at the wheels(Mannys Trix dyno day 2012)
(current) 2006 RunX Rsi