Topic: 4agze block over skim

So I sent my block on my ze for sleeving back to standard and the engineers over skimmed the block. Piston is protruding 0.3mm over the block. I have used the standard victor reinz head gasket and have blown it, assuming due to a mild detonate caused by management not being tuned. I wanna run a steel gasket, any opinions on size? also what compression ratio will I have at that size of gasket. want to run 1 bar boost max on pump fuel. standard cr is 8.9:1. I can easily get 1mm cometic gasket, but battling to find thicker. any help will be appreciated guys. Thanks.

Re: 4agze block over skim

A 1mm will still work fine with the correct tuning ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile
CR will be around 9.2