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Jus want to intro myself, My name is Robert....this is my US spec 97 Corolla AE102.  Blacktop 20V and manual swap.

What's been done...

4AGE 20V Blacktop/manual tranny swap

D2 Coilovers
17" XXR rims
Moog ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links
Pioneer audio
H4 headlight conversion
JDM "C" grill

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Welcome! Nice ride,sumthing different to us here in sa.

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aish, your engine bay looks lekker n  neat
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welcome! one of a kind ride

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^ thanks, especially here in the US.  Added AE101 facelift JDM tail lights, also eventually, will be adding FX-GT bumper  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/cool

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Changed steering wheel to dark brown color till I get a much nicer one

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Most recent engine pic, new radiator

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styling , very neat  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/cool

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VeeXrsi16v wrote:

styling , very neat  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/cool

Thank you sir

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Nyc ride man  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/wink
Welcome & enjoy the forum

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Thanks for the kind words.  My goal is to break the 200HP mark with this engine but keep it all N/A.  As of right now, the eninge is basically stock.  Any tips on reaching this goal would be appreciated.  I was thinking about cylinder head rebuild for starters, then pistons, rods, bearings, and a lighter flywheel and pulley kit.

Estimate for these plans tho is an easy $3000.00 US dollars.  What do y'all think?

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Just wanted to update this thread some and show a more complete build from beginning to end....


Currently it has approx 145K miles and sits under my shed begging to be driven.  Currently a 6-SPD C60 swap is almost complete after my C56 that came with the 20V took a dump after only 10K miles.  that thread is already posted on here somewhere.  But for now, here's a big collection of what was done from the beginning....

VIN #2T1BB02E0VC193422 (TMMC Canadian Built)
Chassis Code AE102
Year Model: 1997
Trim: DX
Curb Weight: 2543


4AGE 20V Blacktop 1.6L engine swap
C60 MTM 6-SPD conversion *IN PROGRESS*
Velocity Stacks 75MM
Isis Aluminum Radiator
D2 Coilovers
XXR 006 17" Wheels
Nankang Tires 205/40/17 offset 40
Magnaflow 2-1/4" Muffler
Magnaflow 2-1/4" Cat
TRD “style” shift knob
Toyota OEM Spoiler
Toyota Sprinter “style” Seats (LE Model)
Toyota JDM tail lights and center garnish
BZ Touring “style” headlights
Rotors (slotted & drilled)
Moog ball joints, tie rod ends, and sway bar links
Pioneer DEH-B4200UB receiver
Kicker 10" subs
Pioneer GM5300T amp
Optima “Red Top” battery
Wrapped Exhaust Header
Sylvania Silverstar bulbs
Window tint
TRD emblem
CCC decals

How it used to look...

Swapped Headlights

New Wheels

Tach Guage Cluster

TRD Emblem

Factory Spoiler

Black Bumper Lights

"C" Grill

Swapped Interior

Painted Valve Cover

Engine Swap - 4AGE 20V Blacktop

Tear Down

Refreshed 20V

New Timing Belt

New Rotor, Cap, Wires, Plugs

Refreshing C56 Transmission

New Toyota Mounts

MT Conversion

New Suspension Parts


Velocity Stacks

New Brakes

Drive Axles & Hubs

Finishing Touches


Somewhat Finished Product

Rear JDM Rear Lights

TRD "style" Shift Knob

Swapped Steering Wheel

Sprinter "style" Seats

Wrapped Exhaust Header


Aluminum Radiator

Another "C" Grill

Most Recent before C60 swap



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Freakin awesome.
Love the step by step picture story

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Thanks, well it took a while longer than I would have liked.  Here are the most recent upgrades before I installed the C60 6 spd and how it sits now.  Hopefully will have on the road by summer next year.

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Not much been happening, mostly since I hate working outside in the cold.  

But I did order some Prothane polyurethane bushings for the front control arms.  Also I took this opportunity to paint the subframe which I'll get more pictures of the final product later.

And the front sway bar bushings from Moog

Also, I got the CV shaft for the driver side from a 95 MR2 Turbo, but I forgot to get it with ABS.  But, this is the first opportunity I've had to compare the Corolla shaft with the MR2 shaft so overall length will be the same.  I think it will work just fine.  The shaft with the NAPA sticker is the Corolla shaft.

I also ordered some Polyurethane motor mounts. These will help a bunch to with putting every ounce of power to thee wheels.

I thoroughly cleaned and finished painting everything this weekend.  Plan to get the bushings pressed in this week.