Topic: 264 aftermarket Cams decreased power.

I bought aftermarket cams and replaced the blacktop cams. My last dyno was in September 2013 and I made 129kw and 183nm. I installed the cams I bought and have the car dyno tuned, I made 125kw and 175nm. I checked the timing markes and the compression. It's been seven months since the last dyno. But the tomei cams has higher lift and more duration I expected a slight increase in power at least. The duration on the dyno has increased too so therefore the drop in power is evident.
Your help will be much appreciated.

Re: 264 aftermarket Cams decreased power.


Maybe add what other mods you have ?

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Re: 264 aftermarket Cams decreased power.

Maybe the dyno is inconsistent.

How does the car feel on the road?
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Re: 264 aftermarket Cams decreased power.

264 on intake ???

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Re: 264 aftermarket Cams decreased power.

You can't just drop cams in & expect power.
The exhaust cam must be dialled in with a vernier gear.
The timing needs to be set on the dyno.

Also,if the head hasn't been skimmed yet,have it skimmed or fit 2 X 7AFE head gaskets to bump up the compression.

Have the car retuned & you'll see a difference

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