Topic: 20v moody

Hi guys,

Is it my imagination or are 20vs moody?
Sometimes my car seems very aggressive and other times it just aint in the mood?
My car is stock aside from viper branch and powerflow zorst?
Engine is a jap import recently swapped and all parts new like plugs, vvt gear, timing belt components and lamda sensor.

I only fill at shell and use 95 ulp.



Re: 20v moody

The std ecu adapts according to your driving style to optimise for performance or economy so if you were driving like miss daisy all week dont expect it to perform at peak performance unless you reset you ecu and drive it like you stole it  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/tongue  so it selects a "performance map"

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What did the 1 V-tec supporter say to the other V-tec supporter?
If the 20vs 1st off the line we'll say he JUMPED THE V-TEC!
but if the VTEC's 1st off the line we'll say he OUT LAUNCHED THE 20V!
sweeeeeet!!! we cant lose this way.......(^_^)