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Hi Guys/Girls

With great regret and joy I'm starting this tread.

The time has come to sell my beloved escort and start with a new project.

She started as a 1.6i Escort Sport
I'll list the things as I changed them on her.
-17/40/205 Lenso Katanas
-2.0 Zetec Silvertop(When We bought it we guessed it had done about 30 000km due to the great condition)
-This was done with a new waterpump (Ford)
-New oilpump (Ford)
-Cambelt (Ford)
-Fanbelt (Ford)
-Clutch kit (Luk)
-Wildcat branch and freeflow
-and a other few pices
-Fitted Fog ligts
-Fitted a Fiesta RSI Cluster
-Fitted ST170 Front calipers with Power brake GT Disks
-Fitted ST170 rear discs(Ford) with hubs
-New Water and Powersteering bottles(Ford and Forma)
-New roof lining(Did it self)
-New started(Ford)
-Fitted SPAX springs from Burton UK
-New control arms, ball joints and Tie rod ends(Autozone and from UK)
-Replace all suspension bushes(front and rear) with Powerflex purple bushes from Burton UK
-Fitted Alpine IDA radio with speakers
-Fitted Doors and boot with sound deadening mat.
-Bought sparkplug cover(UK)
-Fitted Koni sports adjustable shocks(If these are worn, take them out and get the refurbed at koni for IIRC R350 a shock)
-Fitted a Ford front strut brace from UK.
-Fitted a HO RS inlet manifold from UK.
-Fitted Ford electric windows(Forma)
-Fitted 20 Sec curtsey light
-Fitted leather gear and handbrake gaiters
-Hankook tires, has about 90% left and has insurance on them with TWT
-Fitted Ford Puma alu gearknob(UK)
-New clutch, and gasket kit(victor reinz) and cambelt + tensioners
-Bought a Zetec Blacktop 2.0 Head with sold lifters
-Send the head in for G+P+P+Recon at Van der Linde developments
-Fitted head with new ford gaskets, strechbolts(ford),cambelts + tensioners(Ford again)
-Took the car to Etienne Van der Linde for Branch with funnels(4-2-1) and Freeflow with mandrel bends.
-Fitted Magnacor plug leads(Burton)
-Fitted Unichip(Dastek)
-Fitted new Cluch cable + Throttle cable
-Fitted ST170 Throttle body and TPS
-Fitted Recaros from ST170, Also wired in the drivers chair to lower and rise.
-Took the car to Dastek again for remap with ECU
It made 91 WKW here in PTA

There is a few things that I know I missed. I have the receipts for almost everything plus photos of almost everything(Spend in total over R100k,cars price not incl :smt101 )

The car was my daily driver until 2013 Dec when I bought a focus diesel. I only drive her on weekends now, and special occasions.
She is very reliable, and drives really nice for a car with such stiff suspension.

With the car comes all my spares that I have which includes:(to name a few)
-1.6 Zetec engine(complete), still running perfectly when I took it out
-2.0 Plastic manifold with injectors
-Extra throttle body, and MAFs
-Old drums and calipers
-Spare ST170 rear caliper
-Wildcat branch and free flow
-Old clusters
-Original springs and shocks
-old window regulators, coil pack
-Mondeo alternators
-Spare sump
-All sort of switches and bits
-RS turbo manifold + turbo(needs bearings and recon)
Theres alot more but I can't remeber everything ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

Whats wrong with her:
Two things, On the rear bumper there is a small patch that the clear coat failed and the bonnet has dent on the lip.
The 1.6 is still on the papers, but I have the proof of purchase of the 2.0 from engine den.

Asking R65 000 for everything.

Thanks for reading ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile
I'm in Pretoria

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Good luck with your sell. This is how a sell advert should be. ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/silly

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Re: 1996 2.0 Ford Escort with VDL dev

Price Drop to R60 000 .... or to swop for a 4x4 that will be my next project.