Topic: 1994 Corolla with 3SGE Beams

It's a nice project with a whole lot of potential.
The Engine is a gem of note. … neration_4

Due to space constraints I just can't work on the car or keep it close to me.
The Engine conversion was done at KAR

-Car was serviced September last year (4000km ago)
-Cambelt was also replaced with the service last year (100 000km intervals)
-Immobilizer fitted a few months ago
-Engine mounting fixed and reinforced
-15" Mags with new tyres
-Spare key also found.
-New Radiator Fitted (No the car did not overheat, the old one's overflow pipe broke)

Car is running a Dicktator 36-1 Management
And if I remember correctly has a 63mm exhaust, for even moar Power!

Things that are not 100%:

-The Management needs to be tuned again or there is a wiring/sensor issue that causes the car to limit at certain rpm after 6000rpm on occasions, it does however
rev all the way to 7500rpm on occasions too, its confusing.
-2nd gear syncro's are a tad tired, when down-gearing from any gear >2 it will crunch into 2nd, unless you are travelling slower than 20kmh, 1st to 2nd gear engages without any hassles.
-Dash is cracked
-Needs new steering wheel
-Rear left tail light is cracked a bit
-Paint fade on two panels, see below pics
-Few dents and scratches.
-Central locking button in car unlocks the doors, but does not lock them, if you turn the key it locks/unlocks al the doors.
-Driver seat is worn, I do have seat covers on at the moment.
-It has an air conditioner too, but there is a leak.

Priced to go:  R30k


For more details you can contact me:
Email: semi c o l o n 101@ gmail . c o m
Cell: Zero eight 2 4 2 9 three 1 3 9

Thank you!

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