Topic: Favorite music band........

As usual i like to listen every type of music band.. But 1 is my favorite music band that is POP music. I love it. ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

Can you share which band you like to listen every time?

Sweety........... ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

Re: Favorite music band........

I currently love Little Numbers. I hope I find concert tickets at Groupon this year. I have been discovering so many great bands and it's starting to get expensive ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/blink .

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Re: Favorite music band........

Linkin Park is my favorite band. ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/cool

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Re: Favorite music band........

Wow favorite band,uhm I think it is.... nah dude dont have 1 listen to too much different music, currently on a house music trip, but dance/ pop also does it for me dont forget Hip hop and rnb so I cant have like 1 favorite band/ artist, it would be unfair to the rest.

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