Topic: Ribbon cable from RunX RSI radio/6 disc shuttle

Howzit guys
My car radio has been giving me some problems, it has a built-in 6 cd shuttle that seems dead(it doesn't do anything)
I decided to open up the unit and found one end of a ribbon cable damaged( I think it sends the power and signals etc from the main unit to the shuttle)

Pic of the damaged end:

Pic of how it should look:

I tried my local electronic shop (Communica), but they can't help

So thought mayb one of u guys might have a spare one or know where I can get one or if my one can be repaired

Cable width is 7mm
Length is 133mm (a bit shorter would be acceptable as well)

Also if someone has a spare radio available that's not working, I would be interested in purchasing for spares...
Model no. of radio W58815

I'm in Pretoria


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