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Hey guys

So here goes, like the subject says I'm looking to add some "thump" to my ride. Just need some advice on the install I'm thinking of doing. Not going for anything too fancy, just decent SQ and loud enough by my own standards.
So here's my shopping list
-alpine headunit
-audiobank 5ch 3500w amp
-pioneer 1400w dvc 12"
- sony gtx splits
-pioneer 10" limpids
- evo 2 farad cap

So here comes the question, does anyone have experience with the 5ch audiobank amp? Seems like it would be perfect to run my system. However I'm a bit sceptical, I seem to think it'll "underpower" my sub, I quite like punchy bass.. Should I get it or rather go for the audiobank 4800w 4ch, bridge 2ch to the sub, connect the other 2ch to the limpids and just connect the splits to the headunit?

Oh one more thing.. I don't know much about sound. Would I need a crossover for this system? And which one? Will this system bang though?lol

Kind regards

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Re: Conquest sound upgrade

For entry level I would go:
Alpine HU
Targa TG485 amp its a 4 channel 2000w amp
Pioneer or Kenwood SVC 12 inch Subwoofer.
Alpine splits preferably 6 1/2 inch anything smaller is a waste
4gauge wiring.
6 1/2 inch sony mids for rear fill to run off HU (not really needed)
No cap is needed.
My reasoning:
I had the Alpine HU and Targa amp with alpine spilts and it gave quality sound.
You will not be able to run a DVC subwoofer on a stereo amp in bridged mode.

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