Topic: Exhaust Vernier on a 4afe

I have a tazz 4afe with full 50mm exhaust and 4-1 branch . Im planning on putting a unichipQ soon. i just wanted to find out whether an exhaust vernier will increase my power ? will it make my car heavier on fuel? if so by how much ? and lastly whats the price of an exhaust vernier ?
Thanx guys

Re: Exhaust Vernier on a 4afe

Correct me if im wrong but think both your cams are driven by one pulley so think you going to have a problem there,

But if that pulley drives  two cam pulleys, then you will need both cam pulleys,  on stock cams you might see an increase if your turner can fine tune it, and maybe tweak your power rang a little on the high rev
So call the tuner and ask him
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