Topic: First outing with the 7AGE at Killarney

Saturday was my first time on Killarney and also my first time doing a measured 400m.
Had 2 runs against a AE92 Quest with ST 20v and Dictator
My first run I cocked up the launch, LOADS of wheelspin in 1st and 2nd.The Quest pulled bout a car lenth but I reeled him and passed at bout 300m. My time 15.7 his 16.1

Our next run I nursed 1st gear and kept with him in first, pulled him from 2nd and finished bout 3 car lenghs in front of him.
My time that run was 15.4, dont know his
Was great fun tho.

Check the 15.4 sec video:

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Re: First outing with the 7AGE at Killarney

nicely done Ewie! 15.4 is Quick!!!!

Its not your top speed that counts but how quick u get to it...
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Re: First outing with the 7AGE at Killarney


topstuff there bru
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