Topic: Lemons......

A man on his way to India was advised by his friends to carry a lot of lemons.
When he asked why he was told the following: the women might have diseases and if you pour lemon juice on her privat3s the diseases will die.

The man was happy at this advice & proceeded a week later on his journey to India . He was greeted by a beautiful young lady at the hotel and she asked if he was new around here. After a couple of drinks they went to the hotel room.
Remembering his friend's advice he cut up a few lemons and poured out the juice on her privat3s.
"What if she has a really bad case of something ", he thought to himself. So he cut up about 50 lemons and poured out the juice on her privat3s.

After this the lady looked puzzled at him and said,

"Aiyo kanna this is cookie, not puri patha!!!!!! "

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