Topic: Improving my 4AGE 16v

Hey guys I've got a ae92 'rolla gli 89.It came out with a 4age series1, I bought an import 4age series 3 motor but because of the harness I'm still running the series 1ecu and injectors....Will this be a thing to worry about?Will fitting an aftermarket ecu do any good and should I replace the pink injectors with the actual series 3 green injectors?

I dyno'ed my baby and she's currently doing 83kw and 148 Nm atw.I'm happy with the result but I know I can get more usable power out of her without modifying the internals. Plan later to do the cam route but what profile is best? I LOVE high end power!!

Modifications so far:

Cowley 4-1 branch
48mm freeflow exhuast
Cone filter conversion

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Re: Improving my 4AGE 16v

remove cone filter & put flat panel filter!!!
Put the s3 injectors in..
Aftermarket ECU will dfntly give ur car a faster & quicker vehicle...
so far 272 or 280 are a good profile for the 16v

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Re: Improving my 4AGE 16v

should I shim the head when I go thecam route, and should i get vynier pullies aswell?

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Re: Improving my 4AGE 16v

Look for a set of 272's and fit adjustable pulleys (vernier gears) to get the optimal power from your cam setup.

Our Avante runs on a series 3 motor with 268 deg cams and adjustable gears. Mapped with a Unichip she fetches 118kw's.

You would only need to set shims if the clearances go out with the cams. With billet cams with standard base circle you should not have any problems......

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Re: Improving my 4AGE 16v

Shot! Thanks TwincamSam definitely gona do it, first wana get the basics sorted though. Do you know where i can get hold of a 9000rpm sticker that fit at the top for a front windscreen?

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