Topic: b16a Fuel delivery Problem

Guys recently my friends b16a is acting weird... after 4500-5000 the fuel pressure goes to 0 ... we have checked all necessary stuff like regulator, fuel pump , all vacuum lines, fuel relay, injectors, o2 sensor and everything almost...

guys need some help on this thanks in advance


Re: b16a Fuel delivery Problem

Sounds like a map sensor problem
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Re: b16a Fuel delivery Problem

Does the management light come on? the one on the dash?

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Re: b16a Fuel delivery Problem

Is there a chip on the car?

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Re: b16a Fuel delivery Problem

i have the same problem hapend while driving diagnostic shows map and tps sensor problem where can i get1 there xpensive im in durban please help if u can also i need sum1 to wire original computer box to intake i have all ofthese parts xcept map and tps please mail me