Topic: A few videos of my BT20V circuit racing

AS title states

My local track, the nephew is driving

Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit in Victoria
race 1
race 2

The best track in the world, Bathurst NSW
race 1 part 1

Race 1 part 2

As you will notice the T50 box isnt really coping, I have just bought a T50 with straight cut gears and close ratios, the motor is getting rebuilt with forged rods/pistons, 440cc inj, trd .5 H/G, and tuned on e85 hoping for a 15-20% increase in HP. I will post vids when its all done ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

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Re: A few videos of my BT20V circuit racing

Nice videos charged. You seem to do a lot of track racing. In my opinion track racing is more fun than 1/4 miles and the like. It's just that it's so much more expensive. I'll hopefully be driving on our local track at Killarney on the 12th of December  ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile. It's going to be my first time and really looking forward to it. Your BT20V sounds nice and is fast. I watched race 1 and if you pushed the car a bit harder around the bends I bet you would've been able to keep up with those BM's. Nontheless big ups for putting your car on the track and you did well.   ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

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