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hello guys, would just like to get your thoughts on this.

a friend of mine helped me design my secondary header as a replacement for the OEM one. as we all know that the OEM secondary header of the 4age 20v isnt really that good (has lots of restrictions) and so currently i already have a fabricated one but i feel that its too big and long for my engine.. currently running on 4age silvertop with blacktop cams,primary header and ecu on an ae101.. the current secondary header that i have does have the following specs and dimensions..

2 sections has a 45mm inner diameter and is about 18" long
1 section (y-part or collector) is about 2"-2.5" long and also has a 50mm to 60mm inner diameter

however; my friend helped me on designing a new one which consists of the following specs and dimensions

attached is my new secondary header design.. please feel free to comment and suggest if theres something that needs to be revisioned or changed as this header was designed using a software that computes the ideal header and exhaust length design..

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Re: 4age 20v secondary header design

Why don't you just buy one that has been prefabricated?

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