Topic: 4sale - New Turbo Manifold 4AGE Topmount V-Band.

I have a V_band  Topmount  Manifold for a 4AGE here that's just gathering dust now....

it is complete with the V-band converter and v-Band clamp to fit a T3\T4. 

You can still choose  between  16V  or 20V  engine Flange, as it still need to get welded on.

Price R2900.00 (EFT, Cash)

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Re: 4sale - New Turbo Manifold 4AGE Topmount V-Band.

Hwzt bud hope you well , do u still build turbo manifolds? I would like a turbo manifold as well as a plenum to be built for my 20v turbo. Car is running a mitsubishi td04 turbo

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