Topic: Honda Seeker

Hi everyone

My name is Ridwaan and I am new to the forum. i am currently looking for a 1999 - 2000 Honda Ballade 180i in good condition and with mileage of around 170k or less. Unfortunately i cannot pay cash but i am willing to pay it off every month. i am looking for one as stock standard as possible as i want to be the first owner to customize it and to personalize it the way i want to.

I have always loved Honda: the style, the power, the reputation behind it, but i have never been able to get one until now as i have my first permanent job.... which is also why i am unable to get  finance lol

I have done my research and i have decided on the 180i over the 160 v-tec because of the better reliablity, better fuel consumption and from what i have heard...better torque.

So anyone out there willing to help out a noob lol please reply to this post or email me on

I will really appreciate any help i can get and i look forward to learning alot from the forum

take Care