Topic: I.C.E Specials from Schique!!!

Schique Super Specials!!!

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Pioneer 1000w 12" Subwoofers @ R395
Pioneer 300w 6x9's @ R349.99
Pioneer DEH2350 USB Front Loader @ R899.99
Pioneer DEH1350 Front Loader Now only R599.99!!!!!!!!

Star Sound Digital 2700w Monoblock Amp: R999.99
Star Sound Digital 1100w 2 Channel Amp: R699.99

Sony GT490 USB Front Loader: R899.99
Sony 300w 6x9s: R399.99

Kenwood 350w 6x9's: R399.99
Kenwood 1000w 12 Subwoofer: R499.99

JVC KD-R316 Front Loader: R699.99
Pioneer 200w Super Tweeters: R349.99

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Re: I.C.E Specials from Schique!!!

Yo dude I just re-installed my Rockford system in the RXi, need a pre-amp equaliser fitted and tuned, can you do that?

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