Topic: stock 4age 20v blacktop

what do you think about my blacktop 20v Ae111 swap with TRD 2.5 catback and 2.25 pipe exhaust . 17inch rims 215/40
stock ECU and air intack iridium spark plugs and with no oxygen sensor got from 0 to 100 in about 7 sec, and from 0 to 180 in about 24 sec. is it good or bad and what should i do to improve this. what is the problem of running without oxygen sensor
my car bogging in about 2000 rpm is it because the o2 sensor? my sta wire connected. i live in Egypt and no one can help me about this so i will be grateful if any one help me.
here is the link for my car acceleration   



want to know is it strong or weak?

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Re: stock 4age 20v blacktop

Hey dude! your acceleration sounds & looks great... definitely not weak, for me, stay with the iridium spark plugs they are the best... your car's idling will continue to be erratic if you do not install an O2 Sensor & there are a lot of things that you can do to improve on your acceleration rate. sports tires (if daily driven); put a Cold Air Intake instead of a stock air intake... and for now, if you have money to spare, have your BT Head port polished with a 3 angle valve job... that will make a muscle out of your Blacktop.