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Hi Guys

Just wanted to find out what is the best mag wheel metal polisher to use, meguairs? autosol? etc.

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Autosol is brilliant. Really good stuff. I use it on both my cars. My VR6 has a stainless steel exhaust system, and when I polish it up properly it ends up looking like chrome. It's quite cheap as well, between 60 to 80 bucks at Midas. Its also good for removing tar stains, and oxidation etc. from the wheels.

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Cool thanks dude

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I would like to agree that Autosol is the best mag wheel metal polisher. I am a mag wheel collector and my collection ranges in about 55 mag wheels of different types.

Before I used poor metal polishers that instead of polishing my mag wheel collection, it only harms them by leaving stains and irremovable marks. When I used the Autosol metal polisher, I got results that I want.

Autosol is not only for mag wheels but also for other auto parts made of metal that you would like to shine.

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i also agree, Autosol works best,
this was the outcome after the first time i polished the rim :

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