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Hey guys do you know of a good but cheapest place wer i can do my head and cam in pta or jhb?

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Try Hotstuffracing.

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What do you have in mind? Port polish/gas flow and/or more aggressive cam profiles?

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Where is hotstuff racing situated exactly? How much power are we looking at for an FE head that is ported coupled with a more aggressive cam profile?

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hotstuff racing is in kempton park. pomona! the power gain will depend on the rest of the engine. condition of rings bearings etc will affect power! we had a 7afe on the dyno a few weeks ago makins 90kw on the wheels and around 150 nm if i remember correctly!that is what a reasonable 20v makes on that same dyno!

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Save up a little more and go to Repsold Racing.

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tru that , done mines at repsold racing developments, my car is freakin light on fuel under normal driving conditions , and when i flog it she really fly , this is a stock motor just with the hi comp head,chip and fpr.

i run a few healthy stock 20v's, if you willing to spend a bit more your other option is shane at KAR Performance, he is also very experienced with mods,

ever considered a hybrid motor swop ?

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