Howzit buddy,what's your number?


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Jav, what time and which days do you guys play?

Im free from next week bro.


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Cool, il give it another shot. Enjoy Inglorious Bastards. Oh, and dont take the wife if she's squeemish. People's heads get sliced open. Classic tarantino I bet


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Sure. No I didnt see that bro. I saw Kill Bill though. It was pretty pointless


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Sam if you are a Tarantino fan,then go and watch it.I don't like his style.Im sure you'll get the subtle humour in it..


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Anyone seen this movie?I watched it last week an I wasnt impressed.I should have expected it to be sick and bloody because it a Quintin Tarantino flick.But thats not the problem.The movie was far to slow (2 hours) and there was more unnecessary dialogue than any other movie I've seen in a really long time.Even Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger (from TROY) couldnt save it.

It gets a weak 5/10 from me

Thanks bro,i tried this and it works really well.

Ok guys lets hear it.What games are you currently playing?And how good are they?

Im playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PC.Its brilliant.The game that Fifa10 should have been.Im also playing NFS SHIFT..

PES10: 9.5/10
NFS SHIFT: 8.9/10

Lol! Don't be hating the old box..Haha


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Well done samo.Brilliant runs there..Have you run any b18 or b20's yet?Seems like those will be a better match for your mental 20..Oh,and about K20's...Honda is famous for motor swaps,and guys have started dropping k20's into civics and ballades.So theres hope yet.I know of a guy doing this,but its very hush hush for now.Watch this space.


I did a full game review on this,but decided NOT to post it.Lets just say that I realised EA SPORTS would be filing law suits against me for defamation if I did.

This game is RUBBISH guys.Its worse than Fifa09 on console.EA thinks that PC gamers are gullible mugs.The graphics are terrible,and the gameplay leaves much to be desired.If you want a half decent football game,then play Pro Evo 2008.Im not kidding.Fifa10 is that bad.And this is coming from a die hard Fifa fan.

Goodbye EA and good riddence.

Wow,toyota have finally gotten their mojo back.Lets hope we get this one.


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Thanks bro.Things are progressing really fast.

So here's the thing.The car runs well,makes good power and is generally as reliable as the hills like a toyota should be.

The trouble is,when the car leaves the coast and hits altitude,it starts breaking up quite badly.Its not possible to use more than 30% of the throttle.Now the dicktator was checkd up,thats fine.Speedshop says that the fuelling goes off because of the throttles,and want to change the plenum and replace the intake with a single throttle setup.The say this works alot better.Apparently Aveshan has this on his turbo 20v and it actualy picked up 20hp with the single throttle!


Howzit Sam?The car is going well.I need to discuss sumt about it with you.Wait,i wont hijack this post,il make another topic in tech info.Reply there

Edit: I just saw it was a 325i..Good going though.

Good runs there lads.
@Silent Knight - Spiky with the maroon 20v said howzit?
../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/biggrin2 dig dig dig...Lol!

But Still Damn impressive if 20v's are taking out M3's.Hats off to that.


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Likewise.Its great to be part of the team.Holler at me any time guys


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Brilliant feature Sam.I really like this,it separates the quality posters from the spammers and encourages active contributing..


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Lets meet up tonight bro


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Haha when was this adz?

Shot,il come and see you when i get a chance.I have stuff you might want.

Hook a brother up here

Aadz,the car was heavy on gas and was overfuelling.So Speedshop leaned out the fuelling at low rpm and picked it up at higher rpm..Atleast thats what I think..